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Fast Windows Hider

Fast Windows Hider is a privacy tool designed to help you hide any windows at one moment
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9 February 2010

Editor's review

You can use the computer to manage the tasks you have for the day. This activity saves you lots of personal and official important data on computer. You want to protect and keep private Fast Windows Hider is useful to hide your confidential data. It is very easy to use utility.

Features: Fast Windows Hider is nicely designed utility considering the user requirement, it protects your classified data from your boss, wife, children and competitors without getting their attention. This application allows you to hide and unhide windows, programs, internet browser, word, movies, games, emails, photos or group of them just by pressing a single hotkey or mouse click. It will allow you to type in windows caption in hide list or just double click on application you want to hide and then click on hide button or use hotkey such as “Shift + F12”. You can also define your own hotkeys. Same hotkey used for hide and unhide application. It also saves hide list which will automatically launch when programs starts up and you can hide application without any additional action. It also provides advanced options such as auto run of this application which activate with windows start up, hide icon of Fast Windows Hider from tray and mute sound when hide.

Overall: This application is very simple and easy to use to keep your important data private and confidential from others eyes.

Publisher's description

Fast Windows Hider is a protective tool designed to help you hide any windows (applications) at one moment. Just press the hotkey or click icon. You can hide Internet Explorer or another Internet browser, ICQ, AIM, IRC, Word, movies, games, e-mail, photos, or any other window you wish to keep private. With Fast Windows Hider you can hide/restore any windows instantly instead of closing or minimizing them. It keeps your work, play or private information. You can relax and don't worry about your boss, co-workers, friends, family or any another curious eye. Use Fast Windows Hider and be sure your privacy is under protection!
Fast Windows Hider
Fast Windows Hider
Version 3.9
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